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Plus, we literally just went though this shit with John McCain! The Bushes have cleverly positioned themselves as scions of bipartisan civility in an era where the president is an unrestrained sociopath with the emotional range of a toddler. Trump makes it easy to forget George H. His delay in taking any sort of meaningful action during the AIDS crisis cost hundreds of thousands of lives and he put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. He also allegedly liked to cop a feel when taking photographs with women.

Worst of all, we have all week to look forward to this: Bush will lie in state until his funeral in Washington, D. Bush a bag of Werthers to return the favor or something. The A. Filed to: George H. Bush Filed to: George H. Bush George H. Share This Story. Yeah, I mean, look, first of all, let me just also say, 24 hours of live television is not easy. Goldberg: Eatery is one of the worst words. You know what it is? Tapper: Yeah, but what if you have to say a restaurant five times? Goldberg: Then write harder. A question I always have for people who jump from writing to TV is why?

You have pictures, which is amazing. I mean, look, I interviewed [the Secretary of State Rex] Tillerson the other day and I think that, as live television journalism, it was effective for what it was. How does it compare to a print interview with Tillerson? Well, a print interview with Tillerson, you would do differently. You would weave in context and analysis.

One of the things that I decided to do in that interview was—we talked about Russia, and we talked about North Korea, and we talked about the Iran deal—but obviously I was going to also ask about the moron thing , and I knew he was going to not answer the question. So one of the things I did was explain [in the interview] why I was asking. Goldberg: Talk about something else related to your interview style. Goldberg: Twenty-seven minutes! Tapper: The natural human impulse is to avoid conflict. Sometimes when President Trump tweets something, or like today—today was such a weird morning.

I wake up. That bothers me a lot because I cover the veterans so often, and I know veterans that President Bush spoke to, visited, hugged. Same with President Obama. Goldberg: So you woke up angry. How soon after you actually wake up do you look at your Twitter feed? But, so, that bothered me. But I know these Gold Star families. And I know that they remain—a lot of them—incredibly vulnerable, incredibly upset, and understandably so. So that just really bothered me. Within the course of an hour, the Scaramucci Post—which is, the whatever the heck it is , the web site or Twitter feed of the former White House communications director—is engaging in Holocaust denial.

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And then! And Donald Trump Jr. I would rather have woken up and none of that happened. It bothers me. So I would prefer to not be so agitated. I would prefer this stuff to not be going on. But would you be better off if you just didn't pay attention to the passing noise of Twitter? But the three things I just told you about have nothing to do with me. Goldberg: One of them is so small. And it bothered me when Democrats did this in And when McCain was attacked by Trump— [Trump] said he wasn't a hero because he got captured.

I found that horrendously offensive. Goldberg: Was that the moment when you realized, Wait, something has gone awry in our society?


That sort of thing should have killed the candidacy. But he actually became more popular with his base out of that. Goldberg: The racism and misogyny and all the rest—let me say this as carefully as possible—those are things that could appeal to certain parts of his voting public.

Some people who are racists voted for Donald Trump. Tapper: Not everybody who voted for Donald Trump is racist. But plenty of racists voted for Donald Trump. Goldberg: Veneration of veterans, specifically POWs, is known as patriotic conservative political behavior.

And then Donald Trump flipped the whole thing on its head by attacking a POW for getting captured, which of course, when you think about it, is insane.

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  6. This is the moment when the world went upside down. Tapper: There is, in the United States, a historical context of xenophobia and racism that. Tapper: We should point out that, before people think I have an office dedicated to a horrible segregationist, that my office is full of posters of people who ran for president and lost.

    Tapper: I have two Hillarys because she lost twice. But the point in even invoking them is there are a lot of people in this room—Democrats and Republicans, their pictures on the wall—who stood for some pretty heinous, xenophobic things. And that gets me to the question about this moment in our history. And it's horrific.

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    Every now and then I'll see a glimmer of light. The uncovering of Harvey Weinstein, that story was amazing. Goldberg: The dam burst open. Tapper: It feels like that. Goldberg: She was wronged by society and wronged by the meanness of our society. Tapper: Totally.

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    Well, it was my first cover story for City Paper. It was a very G-rated date in December She was lovely. Sweet, nice, funny, charming, bright. You know she was about to move up to New York, and we went out and that was the end of that. But then I went on vacation with my dad, and when I came back, the story broke, and I was just like, Oh my god I know this woman —girl, really.

    She seemed like a girl.


    It was astounding because, first of all, everybody was so giggly. Tapper: Everybody was excited. A big sex scandal. Everyone was destroying her.

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