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Yellow Room. Passing By. Before Stars Sleeping. On the Radio.

Soundscapes plays New Age music. On one of the days when I was rocking her a track from Timothy Wenzel came on and I really liked it. Zoe did to, but she went to sleep and I went to Spotify to find the album. I wrote about the album in March of You can read about the album and Timothy here. Timothy Wenzel was born and raised in South Haven, Michigan.

His mother played piano and encouraged him to play. He started plunking the keys at the age of three and began taking lessons at the age of five. Initially Wenzel was into classical music at first and then those rock bands hit and he was influenced like many by the likes of Led Zeppelin, the Stones, Jethro Tull and the Moody Blues.

During his career he was issued about 50 U. Wenzel sees a correlation between his two main passions — science and music. He says.

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I see a correlation between them. Scientific research is very much like writing a song. He is also a master of the synthesist and augments the piano parts with a wide variety of instrumental sounds including: violin, cello, flute, woodwinds, harp, guitars, bass, drums and percussion.

And he does it all so well! I enjoy album covers and the cover of Distant Horseman intrigues me.

The Horseman Op. 27 No. 29 (for piano) - Dmitri Kabalevsky - ekyrogefum.ml

There is a human figure on a horse in the desert of an alien looking desert planet. From Wenzel…. The cover illustration was created specifically for this album by the Brazilian artist Edson Moraes, an Internet acquaintance who has provided me with art in the past for my website and videos. Wenzel says this about the music on Distant Horseman.

If and when the horseman arrives, it is all about how we face it. All you can do is prepare yourself the best you can, and go forward…. It covers coming together and breaking apart.

There is music about dancing and being caught up in the moment, but I also wrote about heavier themes such as forgiveness and not being able to know the future. All I know is that I like the music and after listening to Distant Horseman , I am in a happy camper.

The Wild Horseman, Op. 68 No. 8 Sheet Music (Piano)

So check it out!! All of his albums climb to the top of the Zone Music Reporters Top monthly airplay chart! At the beginning of this post, so many words ago. I said that one of the things that I liked about the album was the violin of Josie Quick. I need to find more of her music. So I am off to check out their music!!

This popular new age multi-instrumentalist just keeps getting better and better.

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Not only is this a batch of killer new tunes, but he brought in an exceptional violinist to share the melodies with him. This is truly a magnificent new age recording, soft one moment for relaxing and unwinding but rhythmic and dynamic the next for when you want to get stuff done, like cooking dinner, dusting the living room or polishing the car.

Wenzel often starts one of these instrumental tunes featuring one instrument and then halfway through he might bring in a different instrument that adds flavor and interest as you go along. Distant Horseman is the fifth release from Timothy Wenzel. A pianist from a very early age with a wide variety of musical influences, Wenzel employs keyboards and synthesizers to orchestrate his colorful musical stories. Violinist Josie Quick is featured on ten of the twelve tracks, giving the strings a much more natural sound than keyboards alone can provide. The album was mastered by Corin Nelsen, assuring a warm and clear sound.

It is interesting to note that Wenzel has a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry from Cornell University and was a research scientist for many years, working primarily in making polymers using catalysts, before turning his focus back to music. The cover artwork for Distant Horseman immediately grabbed my attention with its bold colors and stark, otherworldly landscape. A horseman rides toward a two-spired rock formation that has a large planet looming beyond it. This album is about transformation, but also a seasonal journey as a metaphor for an entire life But primarily it is a positive journey of surviving and becoming stronger because of hardships, and then breaking through and finding bliss.

The title track is somewhat mysterious and features violin, guitar, and piano in a simple folksong kind of style - a favorite. Primarily a duet for piano and violin, light percussion and a few other instrumental touches add color and texture. A former research scientist with a chemistry background, Timothy's music is inspired by his fascination with both the musings of life and the physical world around him.

He is joined on this album on all but two of the twelve compositions by violinist Josie Quick, who is also a member of the groups Perpetual Motion, The Coyote Poets of the Universe and the Frontera String Quartet.